Better Decisions Faster

Business value comes from action, not the insights themselves. The Daitum SaaS optimisation platform provides users with access to a library of powerful prescriptive analytics algorithms and solution techniques, allowing them to make better decisions faster.


Our SaaS (Software as a Service) portal is an Excel-compatible spreadsheet environment designed for the non-technical user to solve complex problems themselves without the need for any specialist optimisation knowledge. Contact us to learn how your problem can be solved in our Solution Builder.

Solutions for specific business problems such as rostering, inventory management and mobile workforce scheduling. These solutions only require configuration to align with your business rules. Contact us to see if we have a template solution for your business problem.

An API (Application Program Interface) enables our optimisation platform to integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning or other business system.

Why Daitum Utilises Prescriptive Analytics?

Big decisions, not big data.

Optimisation technology is starting to disrupt the way operational problems are solved. Businesses are turning to analytics solutions to extract meaning from the flood of data available to help improve decision making. Daitum utilises prescriptive analytics (or optimisation) which turns data into action by automating the answering of the important business question of “What should I do?”

Why Daitum Utilises Prescriptive Analytics?

Why choose Daitum?

Founded by three world-renowned computer scientists, our team has 5 PhD’s in computational optimisation, 100+ academic publications and over 50 years of combined commercial experience working with small and large enterprise clients in multiple industries.

No specialist skills required

No specialist mathematic or IT skills are needed to use our platform. You can easily express any problem in a familiar spreadsheet format and obtain optimal answers within minutes at the click of a button.

Any problem Any industry

This is a general purpose tool. Any business decision that can be modelled with the business rules, constraints and objective, or objectives, can be optimised on our platform.

Algorithms learn from experience

Our platform provides access to a broad range of powerful optimisation algorithms to solve any decision-based problem. Utilising adaptive intelligence that learns over time, millions of potential solutions are analysed systematically and efficiently to determine an optimised result.

Simple, easy to use interface

We provide a web browser interface to our platform that mimics the familiar Excel-style grid layout, menu items and formulae. Anyone with Excel experience will find this an easy to use interface.

Cloud based Elastic computing

Our platform runs on the Azure cloud computing service. The compute and storage resources are scaled up and down to match the computational requirements to rapidly analyse millions of potential solutions.

ROI measured in weeks not years

Compared to conventional optimisation solutions, we provide low cost and fast model development, simple configuration, light touch implementation and high quality solutions for business solutions. You can move quickly and achieve benefits sooner.

Daitum and Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure

Daitum is proud to host its platform on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

Cloud computing platforms, such as Azure, are less expensive and more secure, reliable and flexible than on-premises servers. We can scale your compute and storage resources – up or down – as required to meet your business needs.

Security is a given in the cloud industry, but Azure’s proactive approach to security, compliance and privacy is unique. Microsoft leads the industry in establishing and consistently meeting clear security and privacy requirements. Daitum only uses Australian based Azure servers.

See our platform in action

See how easily Daitum’s AI platform can be implemented and the significant benefits that optimised decision-making solutions can deliver to your business.