Saving more than 10 hours a week on rostering
Eliminate overstaffing and avoiding unnecessary wage expenses
Unbiased rosters
Determining the most efficient staffing profile pre-opening
Redirecting funds from admin to staff wellbeing

“Childcare rostering is so complex a human can’t even get close to what Daitum can do.”

Megan Black, General Manager at Futuro

Futuro, as a new entrant in the childcare sector, grappled with the optimal staffing complement pre-opening and the intricate rostering requirements for up to 35 staff and 141 children. Once operating, considering the multitude of factors such as permanent and casual staff, staff availability and qualifications and seasonal fluctuations made a seemingly straight-forward task a complex and time-consuming struggle. The need for compliance with industry regulatory requirements added further complexity. Seeking efficiency, Futuro turned to Daitum and its innovative Rostering for Childcare optimisation solution. This case study explores how Daitum helped transform Futuro’s operations from day zero, allowing Futuro to focus on its core mission of nurturing children.

Case Scenario

Futuro, a new player in the childcare sector, is dedicated to a dynamic and holistic approach to learning, embodying the ethos of ‘Play, Purpose, Potential’. With 35 permanent and casual staff and an enrolment of 141 children, the operator’s first centre in Southwest Sydney faced two challenges: first, determining the optimal staffing profile and secondly, efficiently rostering staff amidst fluctuating occupancy rates and varying staff availability. Adopting Daitum, Futuro sought to streamline their operations and liberate time for staff to focus on the high level of care they want to be renowned for in the industry.

Daitum’s innovative Rostering for Childcare solution is tailored specifically toward the needs of the childcare industry. It has been designed from the ground up to take into account industry-specific regulations, fatigue management, as well as a wide range of centre- and provider-specific requirements. Behind the scenes, Daitum employs advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to seamlessly produce optimised rosters by assessing vast numbers of options within minutes.

Daitum’s innovative platform revolutionised the way Futuro approached rostering. Before the centre had even opened, the team used Daitum to help determine an optimal staffing complement. Staff created a few different rostering scenarios that helped establish the most efficient staffing profile and hired based on the program’s recommendation.

In what General Manager Megan Black saw as one of the key highlights of the software, Daitum’s data-driven approach allowed Futuro to model staffing needs accurately, avoiding over-hiring and optimising their workforce to meet legal requirements.

Once operating, the software’s adaptability to fluctuating occupancy rates and staff availability proved invaluable. The platform’s unique capability to automatically factor in qualification requirements for each shift ensured compliance with industry regulations. This not only streamlined the rostering process but also provided peace of mind knowing that every shift met the necessary qualifications.

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