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In Home Care AI Solutions

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Minimise overtime, maximise staff utilisation, increase profitability

In-home care provides a vital service that allows patients to be treated inside the convenience of their own home while freeing up specialised care facilities for urgent cases. However, rostering for in-home care is immensely challenging given unique patient requirements and preferences, the need for unique skills and qualifications, as well as the geographic dispersion of patients across potentially large areas.

Rostering for in-home care extends beyond the “right person at the right time” paradigm to include “at the right location” making it harder still to create a roster that is efficient and looks after the interests of both patients and staff.

Daitum’s advanced AI solutions for in-home care can be deployed in a number of settings, including private health care, aged care, NDIS, HCP and CHSP. Daitum manage all the complex variables such as patient locations, distances travelled, skill and qualification requirements, patient and staff preferences, as well as the need for continuity of care. By minimising time on the road, staff can spend more time with the patients or look after more patients each day.

Tangible Results


In-home care is a very personal affair and many patients have preferences for specific staff. And staff have preferences too, of course, for certain type of treatments as well as areas to be covered. Daitum takes into account all preferences and balances those against all the other factors of interest to produce a rostering that is not only cost-effective but well received by both patients and staff.


Staff must travel from patient to patient and may spend considerable time on the road if the patients are spread across a large area and if the order of visits is poorly chosen. Daitum optimises the matching of patients and staff and the sequence of in-home visits to drastically reduce the distance travelled to allow staff more time on the job each day.


Continuity of care is paramount in in-home care. That is: ensuring the same staff can look after the same patient on an ongoing basis. Balancing continuity of care with all other requirements of in-home rostering is extremely complex and challenging. Daitum allows to find the perfect balance between staff utilisation and continuity of care that works best of the business.

Why Daitum

A platform created to solve some of the most complicated problem small and large organisation will face.

One platform, endless applications.


Improvement in on-time compliance


Reduction on travel time and cost


Reduction in contract staff and improvement of the permanent staff utilisation

  25% Machine utilisation
  5x Faster schedule creation
 Seamless schedule adjustments
 Prioritisation of urgent runs
 Production of final reports

“Daitum’s optimisation tool has opened up resourcing options we never knew existed, helping us speed up our operations significantly.”

Will Walker, Laboratory Operations Manager

 8% fewer hours rostered
 Fully compliant rosters
 Faster to build roster (saving 4-12 hr per week)

 Systemisation Analytics across all centres

“I no longer dread rostering and now spend the valuable time saved with parents and children instead.”

Guardian Service Manager

   Time taken picking materials
   32% Overhead access
   25% Distance travelled

“Daitum were able to build a system that meets our warehouse needs and they just understood how our business operates and incorporated all those business rules into the system.”

Antony Muller, Salvage Officer

Burnside Hospital

 6x faster roster build
  5x Faster schedule creation
 36% improvement in desired skill mixes
 Deployed across 3 clinical specialities with different rule sets
 Under 4 months payback period

Healthcare AI Rostering

The time taken to produce the fortnightly roster has been drastically reduced, allowing my valuable time to be utilised in other key areas.

Wendy Gray, Clinical Manager

  32% Overhead access
 Systemised processes
  Key person risk
  Planning time
  Planning consistency

“Daitum has helped us streamline how we schedule our deliveries and pick-ups, turning a manual process into an automated, optimised and data driven one.”

Greg Pattinson, CEO Foodbank SA

 10x review process
 24x historical data
 $2.6 million constrained capital

 Consistent decision making

Warehouse Automated Rostering

Daitum’s inventory optimisation showed us how reviewing the entire stock holding reveals just how much you can reduce stock levels without compromising availability KPI’s.

Andrew Dilena, Logistics & Operations Manager

 Saving more than 10 hours a week on rostering
 Eliminate overstaffing and avoiding unnecessary wage expenses
 Unbiased rosters
 Determining the most efficient staffing profile pre-opening
 Redirecting funds from admin to staff wellbeing

Early Learning Automated Rostering

“Childcare rostering is so complex a human can’t even get close to what Daitum can do.”

Megan Black, General Manager

 10x faster review process
 24x historical data
 36% improvement in desired skill mixes
 Deployed across 3 clinical specialities with different rule sets
 Under 4 months payback period

Automated Rostering Software

In asking Daitum to fix one problem they came up with ideas to fix more than that problem, which was really good.

Andrew Dilena, Logistics & Operations Manager

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