8% fewer hours rostered
Fully compliant rosters
Faster to build roster (saving 4-12 hr per week)

Systemisation Analytics across all centres

“I no longer dread rostering and now spend the valuable time saved with parents and children instead.”

Guardian Service Manager

Guardian Childcare & Education is one of the largest childcare providers in Australia, employing 3,500 staff, across 136 services.

They educate over 13,000 children, with one clear purpose: “To ensure children are given the best possible start to life”.

Case Scenario

Like all Australian childcare providers, Guardian was acutely aware that getting staff rostering right was essential for their business. Not only to meet the state government regulations, but to account for staff wellbeing and retention – above and beyond the business’ bottom line. Above all, they needed to ensure rostering practices catered to the individual needs of each and every child.

Despite having some levels of automation in place, they still relied heavily upon key management staff at each service, undertaking time-consuming and complex rostering jobs each week, factoring a large number of considerations including:

  • Child occupancy levels
  • Labour contract rules
  • Staff preferences
  • Sick and annual leave
  • Staff-to-child ratios
  • Staff certification levels
  • Full/part-time/casual rates
  • Break coverage
The Solution

Guardian deployed Daitum’s cloud-based AI Rostering for Childcare application across all
its services, in a matter of months. Daitum seamlessly interfaced with Guardian’s enterprise repositories, holding the necessary rules and information used to produce rosters.



Optimised rosters were then created at the click of a button and sent back to Humanforce for distribution to Guardian staff members.

The Results
  • 8% Labour costs reduced
  • 100% Fully compliant rosters
  • 100% Systematisation analytics accross all centres
  • 4-12 Hours saved per week building rosters


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