This article was first published in The Sector on May, 16 2023

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) leaders are increasingly looking for software solutions to support compliance and efficiency outcomes across their services. The key to success are solutions that use technology to automatically produce the highest-quality staff rosters.

Daitum’s Rostering for Childcare solution is emerging as a leader in roster optimisation thanks to its unique technology, which clients are fully embracing.

Our primary focus at Daitum is to enable companies to easily and efficiently generate the highest quality solutions to complex operational problems, such as rostering in ECEC settings,” Dr. Philipp Rohlfshagen, Daitum’s CEO said.

The emphasis on prescriptive analytics (determining the optimal course of action) has positioned the Adelaide-based business at the forefront of the value proposition in childcare rostering.

By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art algorithms that run seamlessly in the background, Daitum is able to intelligently consider millions of different roster combinations – far more than any human ever could, and in doing so, deliver a truly optimised roster,” Philipp added.

Guardian Childcare and Education’s General Manager of Operational Efficiency, Liz Brooks, has been thrilled with the impact Daitum has had. “Guardian rapidly rolled-out the Optimisation Rostering Application across all our services, with amazing results and benefits emerging within weeks. Daitum’s on-going and reliable support has been a tremendous help too.” READ THE CASE STUDY HERE

Four easy steps to high quality optimised rosters

Guided by the organisational motto Better Decisions Faster – with a heavy focus on ‘everyday’ decisions!”, the team at Daitum recognises that for powerful optimisation technology to be useful it must be highly accessible to its users and produce practical outputs that achieve the desired outcomes.

Daitum does not require huge amounts of data to perform its tasks and can integrate with most established software systems used in ECEC settings, on both the payroll and CCMS side.

This allowed Daitum to create a solution that fits neatly into any early learning leader’s workflow and takes just four steps to complete, namely;

  1. Log into Daitum via a web browser and press the ‘Update” button to draw in the most recent data from CCMS and workforce management platforms
  2. Add any additional data, if required, such as annual leave not yet captured or a new employee shift preference
  3. Press “Optimise” and let Daitum do all the number crunching
  4. Review the optimised roster and then return it to the workforce management platform

Daitum childcare rostering


Where we stand out as experts in prescriptive analytics for childcare is our deep appreciation of the complexities involved in creating a compliant roster and we have worked hard to ensure usability, accessibility and practicality are all key qualities embedded within our system” Philipp explained.

Daitum’s Rostering for Childcare solution is rich and highly configurable and can be adjusted to the requirements of specific centres. It empowers service leaders to create optimised compliant rosters at the click of a button.

Achieving business outcomes drives interest in Daitum

Daitum’s Rostering for Childcare yields many business benefits, including a significant reduction in the number of hours rostered, greater planned compliance, service leader time savings, and perhaps most importantly nowadays meeting staff roster preferences.

That is precisely what we are all about,” Philipp said. “Our users, who tend to be business owners or service leaders, don’t need more complexity in their life. Daitum provides them with a competitive edge whilst also making their lives easier.

Gone are the days when service leaders were required to spend endless hours manually creating rosters every week by tediously considering a multitude of variables such as enrolment patterns, break and programming requirements, staff certifications, availability, and preferences as well as room configurations and ratio requirements.

To learn more about Daitum’s rostering for childcare solution request a demo today here.