Aged care is a sector that demands precision, compassion, and efficiency. With the rising number of elderly people needing care, the challenge of managing resources and ensuring quality service becomes even more critical. This is where AI steps in, revolutionising aged care by optimising staff rosters and ensuring compliance, ultimately enhancing care for our elderly.

In this latest blog update from Daitum, we will explore how AI can transform your aged care organisation.


The Challenge of Staffing in Aged Care

Aged care facilities, like nursing homes and assisted living centres, require 24/7 staffing to provide consistent care and support. Managing these shifts is no easy task. Each roster must balance the needs of residents with the availability and qualifications of staff, all while minimising overtime and keeping labour costs in check. 

This is further complicated by compliance requirements and the necessity to prevent staff fatigue.


Enter Daitum’s AI Solutions

Daitum’s AI-powered rostering solutions address these challenges head-on. By leveraging advanced AI, Daitum creates optimised rosters for both residential and in-home aged care settings. 

These solutions take into account the various skills and qualifications of staff, ensuring that the right person is always assigned to the right task. This not only improves the quality of care but also identifies opportunities for training and upskilling.


Real-World Impact

Let’s look at how Daitum’s AI solutions are making a difference in real-world settings. Medibank and Burnside Hospital have both implemented Daitum’s AI rostering, witnessing tangible improvements in their operations. 


Benefits of AI Rostering

So, what are the benefits that Daitum’s AI rostering platform provides to the aged care industry? Let’s take a closer look:


Reduced Staff Costs

AI-driven rosters help reduce unnecessary wage expenses by eliminating overstaffing. Daitum has reported a 5-15% reduction in staff costs for its clients.


Compliance Made Easy

Ensuring that every shift complies with regulations is crucial in aged care. Daitum guarantees 100% compliance per shift, mitigating risks and ensuring safety.


Improved Care Quality

With AI handling the administrative burden of rostering, healthcare professionals can focus more on providing quality care. This shift in focus enhances patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Fatigue Management

AI ensures minimum gaps between shifts and equitable distribution of work, preventing staff fatigue and maintaining consistent care quality.


Save on Time

By automating the rostering process, Daitum saves more than 10 hours a week in administrative work. This time can be redirected towards more meaningful tasks, such as staff training and patient interaction.


Future-Proofing Aged Care

Daitum’s AI solutions are designed to adapt and grow with the needs of aged care facilities. As demands evolve, we can scale to meet new challenges, ensuring that both staff and patients receive the best possible support.

By integrating AI into aged care, facilities can achieve a delicate balance of efficiency and empathy. The future of aged care lies in leveraging technology to support and enhance the human touch that is so vital in this sector.

If you’re ready to see how Daitum can transform your aged care facility, request a demo today. Experience firsthand how AI can streamline your operations and elevate the quality of care you provide.


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