Intelligent automation and optimisation don’t just help your people make better business decisions, they also ensure consistency of high-quality decision-making when those key people aren’t available.

Many businesses have champions who do a great job of solving particular problems, typically based on years of experience. AI-based optimisation tools aren’t intended to replace such valuable people, but rather to assist them with “decision support” to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Often, the benefits of automation and optimisation focus purely on the benefits derived from helping these key experts solve specific problems. While such people are a tremendous asset to your business, there is a considerable risk in that so much knowledge and decision-making expertise is locked away in one person’s head.

How would the business cope if that expert was suddenly unavailable – unable to make it to the office, off sick, on annual leave or having left the business? Would the quality of decision-making suffer if that task was handed to someone else on short notice?

The pandemic presents the perfect example of unforeseen circumstances which could see key decision-makers unavailable. In such an event, your business can’t afford to grind to a halt, or to make-do with lower quality decision-making.

AI-based optimisation tools can help mitigate this “key person risk” by capturing that knowledge and decision-making process. The idea is not to completely take over the decision-making, but rather to assist the person tasked with solving the problem. These tools also ensure consistency of decision-making between shifts if different people take on the same role during the week.

More than just an internal knowledge base, optimisation tools capture all the business rules and constraints which define a problem. The process of capturing this valuable information can also help codify areas where your experts might rely on a “gut feeling” when making key decisions. This can help the business better-understand the finer nuances of the decision-making process, to deliver better outcomes more consistently.

The result is the ability for the champion to produce even better outcomes and for any team member to match this quality, even if they don’t have same degree of knowledge and experience.

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