At Daitum, we are passionate about revolutionising rostering solutions for childcare and early education providers across Australia. Our commitment to this mission is on full display this week at the Early Childhood Australia National Conference 2023 being held in Adelaide.

Connecting with Innovators

The event, which has brought together almost 2,000 dedicated delegates and exhibitors, all driven by a common goal – to enhance the quality of early childhood education and care in Australia. It is an incredible opportunity for Daitum to connect with industry innovators, share insights, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about improving the childcare sector.

Empowering Providers

Our presence at the conference is a testament to our dedication to empowering childcare and early education providers. We are sharing how Daitum’s cutting-edge rostering solutions can make a real difference in creating efficient, streamlined operations that lead to happier staff and improved childcare services.

At our booth #123 we discuss the challenges faced by childcare providers and highlight how our innovative rostering software can drive better outcomes for childcare centres.

As we meet with delegates and listen to their challenges, we are more determined than ever to continue our mission of making rostering better, stronger, and faster for childcare and early education providers. We are excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to the positive impact we can create together.

If you are here and haven’t had a chance to visit us yet, be sure to swing by our booth #123. We’d love to connect with you, discuss how we can enhance your operations, and, of course, share a Kit Kat and some exciting insights together!

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and innovations from Daitum as we work hand in hand with the early childhood education sector to build a brighter future for children across Australia.

See how we have helped Guardian or Futuro amongst other childcare centres optimise their roster and make a difference to their operations.


Guardian Childcare & Education | Join Daitum at the Upcoming 2023 Early Childhood Australia National Conference

“Guardian rapidly rolled-out the Optimisation Rostering Application across all our services, with amazing results and benefits emerging within weeks. Daitum’s on-going and reliable support has been a tremendous help too.”

Liz Brooks, General Manager of Operational Efficiency, Guardian Childcare & Education


“Childcare rostering is so complex a human can’t even get close to what Daitum can do”

Megan Black, General Manager at Futuro

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