Drawing up rosters is a time-consuming chore which cuts into time when you could actually be getting things done – making it the perfect task to automate using the power of AI.

There’s a fear that artificial intelligence is out to steal jobs, but AI in the workplace is really about efficiently handling complex and mundane tasks. This way, you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Rostering is the perfect example. Whether you’re working with nurses, childcare workers or retail staff, manually optimising rosters in Excel is a juggling act. It becomes exponentially more complex each time you introduce more staff or extra variables.

Drawing up rosters is probably not the most critical part of your job description, but it places a huge drag on productivity. This cuts into your working week, or becomes one of those jobs you end up taking home at night.

It’s not just your own productivity that suffers, inefficient rostering hurts the entire business. Employees and contractors are the largest single cost for many businesses. Not optimising rosters hurts the bottom line.

As your rosters become more complex, it’s all but impossible to manually strike the perfect balance when allowing for everything from overtime rates and enterprise bargaining agreements to skills mix and regulatory compliance. It gets even more complicated if you’re trying to manage fatigue, as well as provide flexible family-friendly working arrangements.

Daitum optimisation

Overlooking or miscalculating even one variable means what looks like the perfect roster is actually holding back the business every day. It seems like an overwhelming job, but it’s the kind of challenge on which AI thrives.

A thankless task, which took someone hours, now takes minutes. The result is a highly optimised roster which boosts productivity and satisfies all your compliance obligations, all while saving time and reducing costs.

What was a dreaded administrative task actually becomes a competitive advantage. A rostering system which boosts both productivity and the bottom line gives your business a head start on the competition every day.

Tools for optimising rosters have been around for some time. Unfortunately, the expense of bespoke offerings puts them out of the reach of many businesses. At the other end of the market, more affordable solutions tend to be overly complex.

If you can use a computer, then you’re ready to use the AI-powered Daitum SaaS optimisation platform. Once you set your requirements it does the rest, weighing up every variable to produce a highly optimised roster.

It’s a classic example of working smarter rather than harder, so you can quickly draw up the roster and then get back to more important things on your to-do list.