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Pathologies provide a vital backbone to the healthcare system and are of utmost importance, as the recent COVID pandemic has shown. Pathologies face a number of complex challenges such as variable demand, rising costs, skill shortages and the need for expensive equipment. However, one of the key challenges is the rostering of staff, especially if tied to the operation of machines that require specific skills.

Daitum’s pathology rostering solutions help you create optimised rosters that not only ensure demand is met but that also allow you to maintain your staff’s skills by regular exposure to different types of work and allocation of training in times of low demand. It also saves a lot of time and eliminates the guesswork. Furthermore, staff rostering can be combined with intelligent machine scheduling to ensure maximum sample processing at any time.

Tangible Results


Most labs require highly specialised equipment that require specific competencies by staff to operate. Rostering for pathologies is thus tightly linked to matching skill and experience with the tasks at hand. Daitum not only ensure that only suitably qualified staff are given tasks they can do but can also find opportunities for training, upskilling and maintaining competencies by regular exposure to all tasks previously trained for.


Whenever an operation is 24/7 or close to it, fatigue management plays a crucial role in the safekeeping of staff and ensuring consistent quality of service. Observing minimum gaps between shifts, preserving single days or weekends off, equitable shift distribution are all vital to ensure an effective workforce. Daitum manages all of these out of the box.


Rostering is typically done by the lab manager, on top of all their other responsibilities and often without any formal training. It is a tedious and time-consuming task that takes away from other, more value-add activities. Daitum streamlines the rostering process and produces a highly efficient roster in a fraction of the time.

Why Daitum

A platform created to solve some of the most complicated problem small and large organisation will face.

One platform, Endless applications.


On time compliance improvement


Job througput improvment


Saved each week in rostering planning

   8% fewer hours rostered
   Fully compliant rosters
   Faster to build rosters
       (saving 4-12 hours per week)
      Analytics across all centres

“Guardian rapidly rolled-out the Optimisation Rostering Application across all our services, with amazing results and benefits emerging within weeks. Daitum’s on-going and reliable support has been a tremendous help too.”

Liz Brooks, General Manager of Operational Efficiency, Guardian Childcare & Education

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