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 In organisations that manage large number of assets, where maintenance demands are vast and intricate, AI-powered optimisation emerges as the game-changer. Whether it is the daily juggle of resources or the strategic orchestration of long-term plans, AI steps in to minimise downtime, maximise asset longevity, and ensure efficient resource allocation.

From adapting to sudden changes in the schedule to foreseeing maintenance needs years ahead, AI’s prowess transforms maintenance into a responsive, proactive, and streamlined process. Embrace AI-driven optimisation to revolutionise your maintenance practices, empowering you to tackle the complexities of asset management with confidence and efficiency.

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Why Daitum

A platform created to solve some of the most complicated problem small and large organisation will face.

One platform, endless applications.


Job throughput improvement


Reduction in planning time


Reduction in client outage

   8% fewer hours rostered
   Fully compliant rosters
   Faster to build rosters
       (saving 4-12 hours per week)
      Analytics across all centres

“Guardian rapidly rolled-out the Optimisation Rostering Application across all our services, with amazing results and benefits emerging within weeks. Daitum’s on-going and reliable support has been a tremendous help too.”

Liz Brooks, General Manager of Operational Efficiency, Guardian Childcare & Education

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